Caregiver Assessment Design

In pediatric rare disease, particularly conditions that are not followed frequently by medical staff, the observations of the caregiver can be utilized to design outcome measures that have the potential to demonstrate intervention affect over the short term. At Casimir, our lead project involves the quantification of quality of movement captured by caregiver video.

Patient Assessment Design

The design of patient-reported outcomes depends entirely on a deep understanding of the patient experience. Casimir has developed an interview technique designed to uncover potential changes in patient quality of life that can be reflected in an outcome measure.

Remote Data Collection

Casimir provides program management and clinical development services for sponsors wishing to capture data remotely in a non-interventional study.

Protocol Consultation

Casimir utilizes extensive experience in clinical trial participation along with engagement with the rare disease community to develop an understanding of the caregiver and patient realities of participation in a specific clinical program, uncovering potential confounds in the data collection methods. 

Patient Communications

Many sponsors send out communication geared entirely towards investors and fail to realize that communication is consumed by their patient community. Casimir can review all communication strategies from the patient perspective and offer ways in which the concerns of the patient could be addressed more effectively.