A Different Kind of CRO

At Casimir, we engage patient communities as partners in research, starting every project from the patient perspective and taking new approaches to understanding and documenting disease progression and treatment benefit. 

Bringing Rigor to Real World Evidence

Whether you’re preclinical or post-marketing, Casimir designs and runs rigorous real-world studies designed to address the needs of regulators, payers and patients. We focus on getting to the truth of a disorder and adapting or developing the tools necessary to truly understand disease progression and treatment benefit.

Beyond the PRO

In heterogeneous rare disease, disease-specific knowledge and nuance matters. We get to the heart of patient experience through qualitative interview projects developed in coordination with the patient community and KOLs. These projects capture insights into the ways in which treatments work.

Novel Outcome Measures

Too often, studies fail because of poor endpoint selection or design. Casimir starts from the patient perspective and engages stakeholders including KOLs and regulators in order to develop new methods of capturing and quantifying change.